Why You Should Watch Heartbeat: The New K-Drama That Will Make You Swoon


             If you are a fan of fantasy romance, you might want to check out the new K-drama Heartbeat, which is set to premiere on KBS2 on June 26, 2023. The drama stars Ok Taec-yeon, Won Ji-an, Park Kang-hyun, and Yoon So-hee in a love story between a half-human and half-vampire man and a cold-hearted woman.

            The plot revolves around Sun Woo-hyul (Ok Taec-yeon), who is an early adopter and a trend-setter. He is also a half-human and half-vampire who desperately wants to become a complete human, but he missed his chance because of one day out of 100 years. He has a reason why he wants to become a human, which will be revealed later in the drama.

             He somehow starts to live together with Joo In-hae (Won Ji-an), who works as a contract nurse-teacher and runs a guest house. She has a poor financial background and has no humane side. She has a reputation for being cold-hearted among others.

            However, as they share a house and get to know each other, they fall in love with each other, bringing warmth into their lives. They also face various challenges and obstacles from their different backgrounds and identities.

            The drama promises to deliver a heartwarming tale of interspecies love, with comedy, romance, and fantasy elements. The cast and crew have been working hard to create a high-quality production that will satisfy the viewers.

            The drama also features other supporting characters, such as Shin Do-sik (Park Kang-hyun), a real estate development specialist who has a crush on Joo In-hae; Na Hae-won (Yoon So-hee), a real estate investor who is interested in Sun Woo-hyul; and Park Dong-seop (Ko Kyu-pil), a self-employed vampire who runs a snack bar in front of a high school.

            If you are looking for a new K-drama that will make your heart beat faster, don’t miss Heartbeat, which will air every Monday and Tuesday at 21:45 on KBS2. You can also watch it online on Amazon Prime Video in selected regions.

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